Business center «Japan House»
15, Savvinskaya nab., Moscow.
Tel.\Fax: +7 (495) 660 70 22

Easy office» in «Japan House » provides fully equipped work stations, including the full scope of administrative support services.

The clients may use the services of «Easy office» Ltd. while facing the following challenges:

1) Open a full time office.
«Easy office» provides an opportunity for the client to rent even one work station for a short term or the whole office for a long period of time.

2) Open a representative office.
If the client's head office is situated outside Moscow limits, a small representative office in the center of the city is an optimal solution.

3) Open a project office.
A project office is a good solution for companies that used to work on different projects. An office or equipped work stations may be rented for the project a term of any project.

4) Open a startup office.
From the point of view of expense's control wise, ready workstations with administrative and IT support is a good solution especially during the stage of your business development. This type of office is especially interesting for people who start their own businesses.

5) Open a team office.
A working group may be placed allocated according to the number of workstations needed. This is an ideal solution for people, who are restricted by short of time limits and in are solving the specific tasks.

6) Use rented workstations as affective as possible. (Hot-desking)
By sequencing in time the same workstation between several workers you may optimize working recourses and decrease burden costs. This unique program makes it possible to decrease expenses by 100 % usage of workstations.

7) Rent an individual office.
A good decision for managers, directors and businessmen who needs to work solitary. An arranged work station with free high-speed Internet access makes it possible to make the riffle.

8) Part-time office.
You may raise the expenses' cost effectiveness by paying only for the time you really use the work stations. «Part-time office» program provides such an opportunity.


I. Conference halls
II. Cafe
III. Virtual office
IV. Other business center services

I. Conference halls

The Conference center is located in a business center of Moscow, at territory of business center «Japan House». Spacious halls with a magnificent panorama in city business center will be ideally suited for making presentations, conferences, seminars, receptions and business meetings.

Conference-center Japan House is equipped with the latest technology — each hell is equipped with a wide plasma panels, high-speed Internet access, digital conference system with electronic voting possibility, a system of simultaneous interpretation system, video conferencing, the system loudspeaker.

II. Cafe

The cafe is located In building of business center. The menu includes courses, of Russian and Japan cuisine.

III. Virtual office

Virtual office provides an opportunity to organize a full-fledged office with minimum expenses. Professional call-center is one of the basics that creates the affect of client's presence in business.

The client may enjoy all the benefits of having a fully functioning office without moving from the present location, but having the opportunity anytime to use conference halls and meeting rooms at any time. «Easy office» provides the following solutions:

 Prestigious business address — The client may use the address of «Japan House» while preparing his printing products including visiting cards.
Mail collection and forwarding Mail is received on the client's behalf and posted to the address he mentioned.

Administrative and IT support
Available Administrative and IT support

A local phone number
The client is provided with his own local telephone number for local and long distance international contacts.

Personalized call- center
A professional secretary will answer the client's calls in his company's name according to the instructions.

Call redirecting
Specialized technology makes it possible to redirect calls to the client's local phone number.

Voice mailbox
Remote setup and retrieval of personal voicemails round the clock.

Inclusion into the itemized listing
On client's demand the company is included into the itemized listing of tenant companies of business center «Japan House».

Offices and meeting room's availability
The usage of meeting rooms in «Japan House» is based on advanced booking.

IV. Other business center services

Copying and printing services
  • Black and white photocopying
  • Document printing in black and white, in color, scanning, binding and laminating.
Administrative support
  • Continious administrative interaction and assistance.
  • Translation services from all major business languages
  • Business letter writing, data entry, filing and meeting facilitation.
  • Concierge services, including errands, scheduling and reservations
  • Assistance in preparation of presentations, audio and video conferencing and database management.
  • Business lunch on specific requirements.
Concierge and recseption service
  • Meeting and greeting the client's guests.
  • Taxi, car, airline ticket and hotel booking.
  • Discount on courier service.
Communication service
  • Managing the client's correspondence by phone or e-mails.
  • Sorting and delivering the clien's mail.
Web service
  • Web-site's creation.
  • Hosting


  • Digital telephone system featuring conference calling, internal and external call transfer, long distance and long distance international calls.
  • High-technological digital telephones with speed dial, speaker, call pickup, caller ID etc.
  • Call-center service including direct dialing to the client's line by direct local telephone number.
  • Voicemail service and message storage facility with round the clock remote access.
Related services
  • Free telephone numbers for audio and video conferencing.
  • Itemized telephone bill on request.
Support and maintenance
  • Spectialists support and maintenance.
  • Regular software and hardware upgrades.
Broadband Internet
  • High-speed broadband Internet ( 2MBits per sec).
  • Permanent internet connection without additional tarification.
  • Building personalized VLANs for each client.
  • Using advanced methods of protection from intruders.
Additional options
  • Personal e-mail addresses.
  • VPN
  • Online technical support and data saving.
Support and maintenance
  • Ongoing technological upgrades, support and maintenance.
  • Full network monitoring and management.
Real estate services
  • Assistant in accomodation rent.
  • Assistant in country estate rent.
Other business servises
  • Staff recruitment.
  • Legal consultations.
  • Audit and tax consultation.
  • Organisation of simposiums, seminars and press conferences.
  • Notorial service, legalization of documents.


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